Jul 21 2013

Hot, Humid, No Wind, No Front 9 – Week 13 Recap


Last week was perfect: nice temps, slight breeze, no humidity, and the front 9.  All of that equaled some of the best golfing in one night be Coot’s guys.

That was last week.

This week, a totally different story.  High temperatures, tons of humidity, no wind, and that damned back 9.  But, the results on the scorecards were not quite as bad as you might expect.

That included Dave Schweitzer‘s attempt to prove that he’s #1 with his 3-under-par-33 (for the second time this season).  Bruce Thomas shot a respectable 1-under-par-35; but that wasn’t enough to hold on to the league’s top spot.  Dave’s stroke average (36.86) is now 0.37 better than Bruce’s (37.23).  We can all assume that the back-and-forth drama isn’t over for 2013!

Gary Gardner‘s 42 got him the low-net-score of the night (29).  Gary and Dave each got an eagle & a skin on the night: Dave on 11 & Gary on a chip-in from 80 yards out on 18 to close the deal on Mark Balven & win by 1 stroke.

Week 13 also saw the addition of Jim Jost to the Milestone Watch as he earned career-victory #95 on the night.  Greg Gillick did not play so he remains just 2 wins away from his milestone.

The Good – It’s ALL good at this point in the year!
The Bad – Gearing up for the Lake!
The Ugly – Pairings for the 
Lake are coming…

The hot card of the night featured Jeff Laury (38) tying Jim Jost III (39) and Bob Breithbarth (37) beating Mike O’Kane (30) by 1 with 4 birdies carded.  GREAT MATCHES BY ALL THE GUYS!

George Ermold & John Westrich each got a closest-to-the-pin honor on the night.  Meanwhile, there wasn’t much change this week to the leaders for the end-of-season awards; except some additions to the “Sey Tuff Guy” Award race.

The team story for the week was less exciting.  the top 3 teams in the standings remained the same:

  1. Quail Creek (Team 2)
  2. The Turek Brothers (Team 5)
  3. Haegele Nursery (Team 10)

Spots 4-11 saw a total mix-up from last week’s standings and Metro Electric (Team 6) held on to the last spot.  Only the top 3 teams in the standings (see list above) are averaging the historically-necessary 6 points per week to win the half.


The Champ Flight and A Flight brackets have been updated with matches completed.


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