Aug 24 2015

Ace in the Hole! – Week 18 Recap


Rob Gaylord was all smiles after a career night on the special Friday night feature!

Wait, is today Friday?  Wait, is today Friday the 13th?  Nope, but it was just as weird!

Coot’s guys played on Friday night for the first time in a very, very long time to make up for all of the rain earlier in the season.  The rare double-dip on the week made for some interesting action.

G & G SNOW PLOW managed just 2.5 points and SOUTHSIDE MACHINE is poised for next week’s position night.  Meanwhile, HEYL FARMS is licking their chops to defend their league title!

But, let’s not forget the career night for ROB GAYLORD!  Here’s a recap of what Rob pulled off on the special Friday make-up night:


Proof of Rob Gaylord’s ace on #3 on August 21, 2015.

He had a hole in one on #3 (just the 6th guy in league history to do so).  He carded a 39 and a low-net score of 29.  His victory was the only one for G & G SNOW PLOW, allowing them to stay atop the standings; this was also his second victory of the 2-night special, putting him just 1 win away from the 100-win club.  He earned money for: closest-to-the-pin honor honors (as in IN the hole), the skin on #3 and, of course, for the ace.  He improved his handicap by another stroke for a season total of -3 at this point.  And, to top it all off, he got a chauffeur ride home!


Here’s The Good, The Bad & The Ugly:

  • THE GOOD: Friday night at Quail!
  • THE BAD: (as in good) Smoked Ribs!
  • THE UGLY: Hole in One kitty is back at 0…

The other closest-to-the-pin honor went to BOB TWITCHELL.

The updated year-end awards are:

While KO may be the current leader for the worst record, he doesn’t have the most losses of the season.  That’s an “honor” currently held by BOB DEGUNIA with his 11 losses on the season.  PAUL HILLYARD and JOHN COOPER each also have 10 losses like KO.

Position Round match ups for next week:

  • 3v4
  • 11v2
  • 8v10
  • 7v5
  • 9v1
  • 12v6


COOT SAYS: “Next week: $10 skins!”



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