Jun 26 2016

Joey B’s Wins On A Tiebreaker – Week 10 Recap

joey-bsThe first-half championship came down to a tiebreaker thanks to the top 4 teams splitting the points among each other on a hot night on the Back-9.  As mentioned in the Week 9 Recap, JOEY B’S went into the night knowing they had the tiebreaker in hand.  So, with 60 points and the tiebreaker, JOEY B’S is the first half champion of the 30th season!


THE TUREK BROTHERS came in second place and the third place money will go to BROTHER JOHN.  Congrats to all guys on a great first-half…good luck in the second!

The standings battle wasn’t the only fun on the night though!  MARTY YANICS had the low-net-score of the night with his 28 (46) and KEVIN TYLER carded the low-scratch-score of the night with his 37, with a little help from an eagle-3 on #11.  And what a good night it was for that eagle, thanks to the doubled-up skins customary for the final week of a Coot half.

BRUCE THOMAS & TIM JOST nabbed the closest-to-the-pin honors on the night.

Meanwhile, RON SCHMITT continues his amazing season.  He remains the most improved golfer on the season at -4; specifically, he’s at -3.90 which is .34 better than DAVE COOPER at -3.56.  He also improved his hold on the Best Record by getting his 8th victory of the season.  He remains undefeated, an accomplishment no Cooter has maintained for the entire season in the first 29 seasons.  In fact, dating back to 2008, the league record for most wins in a season is 12, by BRUCE THOMAS.

NOTE: if you have record of having 12 or more wins in a season prior to 2008, please email webmaster@cootbrowngolf.net.

On the Milestone Watch, BOB TWITCHELL joined the list after getting #145 of his career on Week 10 and CHRIS TUREK got #196.  But, the real news is KEVIN GARDNER becoming the 10th guy to join the 150-Victory Club on the night – in fact, he’s the 3rd guy this season to join the list!


Since we’ve reached the halfway point of the season, the Player Records page has been updated.  Additionally, the League Rankings have been updated as well – no change in #1 or #2 at this point!

And so we turn the corner to the second half of the 30th season.  The second half will feature hitting from the blue tees (seniors from the white tees).  Who will challenge JOEY B’S to be crowned the 30th champion of the league?

Quick updated about the Match Play ChallengeTIM JOST defeated MARTY YANICS 2&1 in the C Flight.  Some brackets are lagging behind…please do your part to get caught up.  Also, big news for a 30th Anniversary Celebration for Coot on July 21 – check it out!



Parting Shot:


TOM HEYL can’t be found on the back nine but he can be found on the back 40.

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