Aug 21 2016

The Front 9 Was Not Too Kind – Week 18 Recap

18After the Lake Tourney hangover finally wore off, Coot’s guys were greeted with another harsh reality…the Front 9.

And boy was it none-too-kind…

There was only 1 sub-40 round on the night, turned in by ADAM LAURY (38).  He and MIKE O’KANE nabbed the closest-to-the-pin honors on the night.

Meanwhile, on the Milestone Watch, JOHN WESTRICH got #97, JEFF LAURY got #98 and JOHN GREFFET got #149.

As the second half nears its end, C.E.S. took advantage of the injury-riddled AALCO MFG. and took all 10 points to jump ahead of JOEY B’S in the top spot going into next week’s position round play.

And so, the feature match up of the week will really be BROTHER JOHN against HEYL FARMS as those two teams are just a few points out of the top spot.

Here’s the line up for week 19’s position round:

  • 3v5
  • 12v2
  • 11v7
  • 9v4
  • 6v1
  • 10v8

The second half winners will be determined on Week 19 and will go on to face JOEY B’S for the league championship on the last week.


“Dog Days ’bout over!”



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